5 - 2009

Take a frugal summer vacation

In Colorado, we’ve been enduring a long streak of cool, cloudy days. If you’re from an overcast part of the world, you might be questioning the word “enduring,” but as I mentioned last week, Colorado normally gets more than 300 days of sunshine a year, and when the clouds linger, Coloradans whine.

Fortunately, we’re still seeing signs that summer is around the corner. A huge indicator is that the blogosphere is full of great posts about taking a cheap summer vacation this year:

Five Cent Nickel posted on “Planning a Family Vacation Without Breaking the Bank.”

Wise Bread wrote about “The Ultimate Frugal Vacation” — a staycation, where you stay home instead of paying for gas, airfare, hotel, dining and all that goes with a traditional vacay. Cynical note: This post is illustrated with a gorgeous photo of an ocean, sea kayak and cliff … not part of the staycation landscape except for a lucky few.

Frugal Dad looks at the other side of the coin in “Family Summer Vacations.” He says he’s tired of staycations, and after some family stresses this year, he’s ready for a change of scenery.

Staycation or nay-cation?

We sometimes “staycation,” and my family loves the chance to hang out and chill out at home. For me? I work at home, so a vacation at home just means I have to strive to resist logging on to my regular work life, and I have a tendency to get bogged down catching up on chores.

For that reason, I’m looking into a variety of vacation options for the summer, including investing in quality camping equipment that can last us a few years. Camping remains a very affordable way to get away from it all, while remembering how beautiful our planet is. We also plan to spend some time with family and friends, and take some short trips — including one to the mountains that Mr. Cheap and I are on this weekend.

Coming tomorrow: 12 ways to plan a budget family vacation.

What are your vacation plans this summer? Are you taking a trip, planning a staycation, or too busy to have thought about it yet?

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