10 - 2014

Buying Non Perishable Necessities Online to Save Money

Non-Perishable-Food-ItemsAs the old saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned. While we recommend that you live a full and happy life and not let every financial choice be a constraint, we also urge people to be frugal whenever possible. The best way of saving money is when you get to save some cash, but don’t have to give up anything in return. These days, the Internet allows us to buy a great many necessities while saving on costs.

You can’t buy everything online. For example, buying fresh vegetables online often doesn’t work because you’ll usually want the vegetables right away to use in this or that recipe, and of course the vegetables might rot or get damaged during the shipping and handling process. For this reason, non-perishable goods are the most commonly bought online goods.

You can pick up staple supplies from many websites, such as Amazon. For example, you can buy toilet paper or paper towels from Amazon who will then then ship it to your house. Often, you’ll have to buy in bulk to really save money, but can you ever have too much toilet paper? And does toilet paper really expire?

There are many other goods that we always need, and that also don’t expire, or at least don’t expire for a few years. If you drive down to your local CVS, for example, and pick up a 4.2 oz. tube of Crest Pro Health toothpaste, it will cost you about $4.00 dollars. Head to Amazon, and you can pick up two 6 oz. tubes of toothpaste for only about $5.50. That’s almost three times as much toothpaste for only an extra $1.50!

The same can be true of toothbrushes, mouthwash, cleaning supplies, and numerous other things. They won’t be damaged in the shipping process and almost certainly won’t expire before you use them. So, at the end of the day, you get the same products you’d buy at the local store at a lower price, and get to enjoy the added convenience of having them shipped to your door.

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