2 - 2014

Apps to Help You Save Money

FrugaaWe have discovered a powerful resource for saving lots of money shopping for the goods you need every day.  The website is called Frugaa (http://www.frugaa.com/), and there you will find great tools for locating coupons, discount codes, meaningful reviews, and direct links to thousands of online retailers where you can save on the things you buy every day.  We recommend you check out Frugaa today!

You want to find more ways that you can save some money each month. If you have a smartphone, well, there’s an app for that. In fact, you can actually find a number of different apps that will be able to help you save some cash. Let’s look at some of the best options to help you save money in different areas of your life.

Save on Gas

Everyone knows – and despises – just how expensive the prices at the pumps are today. Instead of continuing to lament those costs, simply start using the GasBuddy app. Just use your zip code or your GPS to let the app find real time gas prices at stations in your area. You can then find the cheapest station near you.

Save on Groceries

With the Vons Just for You app, you can save on the costs of your groceries. The application features a variety of products that customers can then click and “send” to their free club card. When they go through the checkout line, they will receive the reduced price on those items. It is the future of clipping coupons.

A Great Coupon App

Another coupon app that will help you carry all of your coupons digitally on your phone is Sherpa. You can choose from hundreds of different stores and use their in-store coupons as well as coupons specifically for the app. This helps you find discounts in many different stores that you visit. Saving just a little here and there really can add up, and that app is certainly worth using.

See What Amazon Charges

When you are shopping at stores such as Best Buy and Target, take out your smartphone and head to Amazon to see how much they are charging for different items. Those stores – and some others – will actually match the Amazon price, so you can get your goods for less.

These are just some of the great apps you can find right now to save money. You can find enough ways to save that you could even offset the cost of your monthly phone bill with it!

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