1 - 2009

No Sign-Up Form on Cheap Like Me For Now

If you are one of the dozens of people who have signed on as a Cheap Like Me subscriber, I wanted to let you know why that option and the sign-in form are gone, at least for now.

I’ve had recurring problems with having this blog hacked. I thought I had cleared it up, but then it was back, with a fake user (most likely a bot — I don’t think the attacks were personal) signing in as an administrator. I spent several hours yesterday cleaning up the code, resetting security features, eliminating bogus (spam comment) users, and generally trying to add a few virtual deadbolts to the blog.

I don’t think I cut out any legitimate users who have already subscribed, but if I happened to do so, I am sorry, and it was not personal.

Hopefully, I’ve eliminated these spammers for now — and with it any risks to you, my readers, whether of annoyance or viruses. But to take away the option of getting in by signing in, I’ve taken away the sign-up form. I would love to find a way to keep it and keep things secure, but because this blog is a labor of love rather than income, I can’t afford to invest in that effort right away.

Thanks as always for stopping by and reading Cheap Like Me.

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