17 - 2018
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Get Ahead of the Game: 5 Up-and-Coming Companies You Should Invest in Now

The stock market has been all over the place this last month, with many Wall Street investors seeing their worst performances in over a decade during October.

Many investors will be working hard to get their portfolios back on track, after falling into numerous traps this past month. While the market is still down, it can be a great time to invest in undervalued companies and ride their success to the top.

But what should you spring for? Jumping for stock in some burgeoning companies right now could pay off handsomely in the future. Below, we’ll walk you through which up-and-coming companies are worth investing in right away.stocks to buy

  1. MFA Financial

This real estate investment trust might not be a household name, but it has a history of being strong and stable through difficult financial times.

Over the past decade, anytime the MFA stock has fallen below $7, it’s failed to stay there for more than a brief moment before rising once again. MFA weathered the financial crisis at the end of the last decade and remained strong. It clearly has what it takes to survive economic turmoil, making it a safe and strong investing bet.

Its giant dividend (11.6 percent annually!) should make it a must-invest for this month.

  1. ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF

Though it has a mouthful of a name, you shouldn’t stay away from this up-and-coming company stock. Alt Harvest is the first marijuana ETF to trade in the US market, making it an exciting first-time prospect for investors.

As medical marijuana laws continue to loosen in the US, an explosion in the cannabis industry seems inevitable. Hopping on the train now could leave you feeling high and mighty not far in the future.

  1. TeleDoc Inc.

As the health industry continues to mutate and change, companies like TeleDoc are on the cutting edge of medical and healthcare innovation. They claim a staggering 75% of the market share in this emerging industry, offering doctor visits and prescription services 24/7.

Though the service is just starting off now, some professional analysists predict the company’s size could grow by as much as 300% in the coming years. That makes TeleDoc stock well worth a close look.

  1. AMD

Though this CPU and graphics card manufacturer has had a rough past, there are many indications of a bright future for the company. After many years of struggling to find a niche in the market, AMD changed its manufacturing plan in late 2014 and has seen slow but steady growth ever since.

As multiplayer gaming continues to increase in popularity, semiconductor stocks become better and better looking as an investment. This one could be worth hopping in on right away.

  1. Laureate Education

The stock for this network of higher education programs is still relatively cheap, trading around the $14 mark. The network runs for-profit programs in over 29 countries, and many analysts predict huge growth on the horizon.

With expansion continuing, there’s a very good chance that the LAUR stock won’t stay this low for very long.

Investing In Up-And-Coming Companies

When it comes to investing, you could always play it safe and invest defensively in and large corporations that are likely to see steady but safe growth.

But if you’re willing to take a leap of faith with smaller, up-and-coming companies, you might be able to ride their growth to unprecedented heights. The above companies all are amazing opportunities to do just that.

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