2 - 2012

Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance?

As the financial stability of the world continues to teeter back and forth on the brink of uncertainty, the need to save money is still the resounding goal for many people. There are many ways to decrease spending and stay afloat. One way is to reduce the cost of your auto insurance. Who has the cheapest car insurance? Where can you get the cheapest car insurance quotes? Let’s find out.

Can’t Live Without It

Car insurance is one of those things you can’t do without; at least not legally. It’s a mandatory requirement in every state, (except for New Hampshire) and without it, you can’t register a motor vehicle. The key to saving on auto insurance is to be able to save on your monthly auto insurance premium yet still get good coverage. In order to find out who has the cheapest car insurance available, you first need to know what type of coverage you need.

What’s Your Situation?

Do you do a lot of traveling? If so, you may want to include collision coverage in your policy. Is your vehicle a newer one? Full coverage is probably a good choice. Will your children be driving the vehicle also? These are the kinds of questions you need to answer first. Once you’ve answered them you can begin looking for the cheapest car insurance quotes.

The only way to find the best car insurance rates is to do some comparison shopping. By contacting different auto insurance companies, and getting insurance quotes, you can determine who has the cheapest car insurance coverage that fits your needs.

Apples To Apples Insurance Coverage

Be sure that when you get the quotes they are for the same amount of coverage. It’s easy to get confused when contacting a lot of companies. The best way to keep it all straight is to write down what the coverage amounts are that you’re requesting quotes for, and what the deductibles are. Additionally, be sure to ask what they give discounts for.

For instance, many motor insurance providers give a discount for having a good driving record or having multiple policies with them. Some will give you a discount based on the distance you drive to and from work each day or if you have anti-theft devices installed on your vehicle. Once you’ve gotten enough quotes to use for comparisons, you can sort them out and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Different Needs, Different Offers

It’s hard to actually say with any specificity who has the cheapest car insurance because not all consumers have the same auto insurance needs. The trick is to determine what types, and amounts, of auto insurance coverage you need, and get cheap car insurance quotes that meet those needs.

One final tip; you may be able to get a cheaper car insurance rate if you take a higher deductible. Many drivers never get involved in an auto accident. As such, there’s never a need to call in the deductible card. And, even if you should be involved in an accident, and have to pay a higher deductible, there’s a good chance the amount of money you save on your annual premiums over time will still outweigh the additional payout for that higher deductible.

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