7 - 2007

Take it off with offer codes

When I shop online, I’m willing to work hard to get the best price, and that work usually pays off, as it did with this week’s yoga/home improvement ca-ching.

Wednesday night I went online to buy a hands-free, temporary screen for our back door. We need something that will let the dog and kid go in and out, and ventilate our oh-so-stuffy kitchen. (Which, in turn, should help save cooling costs this summer.)

In a nice synchronicity, Saturday’s mail contained a Gaiam catalog — with these screens on sale. We need a 32″ size — regularly $48, on sale for $38. Careful readers can enter their catalog key code to receive $4.95 shipping until July 4.

I have an account with upromise to save for Lydia’s college, so I try to shop through that site if possible to earn a percentage back into our account.

No go. Gaiam doesn’t participate. However, another company does, and carries the screen — but the price was $39.95, with $9.40 shipping.

Back to Gaiam.com. Their price was $38 with the $4.95 shipping available. However, I remembered I need a new yoga mat, so I searched quickly for those. Unfortunately, I’d missed a sale on a mat and bag for $10. But I could choose a mat for $22 or a bag-and-mat combo (with the same mat in my choice of 13 colors) for $22. Duh. I was looking at bags, also, anyway. I chose Ocean.

With the bag/mat and screen, my total was $60, which pushed shipping to $9.95 normally, or $4.95 with the sale. But by joining the Gaiam Community, I received an offer code good for $10 off my purchase.

Gaiam only allows one code at a time. Although opting for the new offer code eliminated my cheaper shipping, it gave me two bonuses: It brought my total to $50, which in turn lowered regular shipping to $7.95. If I must buy both items (and judging by the gray tint of my yoga mat, even post-washing, and its stale odor, I must), this was the better deal.

A little extra time saved me $17 and netted me a free yoga bag — not bad for a few minutes online.

Did I get the very best deal possible? On the screen, I suspect yes. On the mat, I don’t know — but I got to pick a great color, get a bag that I believe will be good quality and I don’t have to look for something else. And that combination helps me feel balanced right in my bargain-hunting chakra.

Image: Gaiam.com

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