10 - 2012

Selling Your House – When the Process Needs to be Quick

As life goes on, circumstances change, as do your finances. You find yourself facing a change in location, job or even lifestyle, yet one thing often holds you back: your home. For many reasons, people have found themselves selling their house quickly with property buyers in order to make the necessary moves they need; it means not going through the traditional market with notoriously slow estate agents and instead going with a specialist property buyer. Here are the four main reasons why people find themselves selling their home fast.

Moving abroad

Given the great weather found abroad, in combination with cheaper property prices and growing expat communities, people are finding it easier to justify a move. However, missing the perfect window of opportunity happens often to those selling their home on the regular market, so freeing up capital with a quick sale could be exactly what’s needed.

Retirement and downsizing

Homes can get too big to manage in later life, especially if the house once supported your family – you could have extra empty bedrooms to maintain and heat. As such, lots of people downsize, selling their home quickly in the process. Especially given that pensions aren’t what they used to be, many people also have equity tied up in a property – unlocking this equity can provide pensioners with money they need to live at a standard they’ve worked hard for throughout their lives.


As an often messy, time-consuming and emotional situation, divorces often necessitate a quick home sale to overcome many issues that crop up during this legal process. Giving both parties a fair share quickly, it’s often the best way to settle a dispute such as this.

Getting into debt

Over the last few years, more and more people have found themselves getting into debt. By selling a property and moving to a rental property or smaller house, money can be used to pay off credit card or utility bills. While it’s often a hard choice to make, it may give you the freedom you need to move forward.

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