17 - 2014

A few tips on how to save money during this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching we start to wonder what we will get our loved ones in the Christmas morning. Most of us no longer believe in Santa so we need to make sure that we take care of presents ourselves instead of waiting for a grown christmas-presentman in a red suit to squeeze in through the chimney to our living room.

Since the list of presents might be rather long; you need to find a way to save money when buying them so you do not end up spending an incredible amount on things that you are not even going to use yourself! There are many ways to save money, but the best so far, and one of the most satisfying, is using coupons to get discounts or even freebies. There is one store where you can do all your shopping and get huge discounts doing it. At Sears online store you will have the comfort to choose from a huge variety of different items, as well as use Sears coupons to enjoy discounts that might sometimes feel other-worldly.

Let us take a closer look at what coupons are available at the moment and what you can purchase with them. Currently the most popular Sears coupon code is for appliances of all sorts. You can get an exceptionally good deal if you decide to buy Kenmore appliances. For example, you can find a Sears coupon for 30% discount on all Kenmore appliances + 35$ off if your purchase is over 300$, and if you manage to spend over 399$, you will receive a free delivery too. Hence, with one coupon you are possibly looking at three different discounts. The problem is that sometimes it might be a bit hard to spend extensive amounts, such as 400$ on Kenmore appliances, especially when you get 30% off. But if you decide to buy not one but two appliances, you will definitely make the most of your purchases. And as I mentioned before, since the Christmas is coming, you might be considering buying things not only for yourself, but for others too. And since we are no longer children who would never enjoy getting a new microwave or a mixer, we might be for a special treat with these discounts for things that we really need at home.

Another promo code that can be popular and bring an absolute joy is Sears promo code for hot deals. It provides you up to 75% discount on hot deals and if you spend over 59$ you get free delivery of your purchases. This is once again a two-in-one deal, because you already can enjoy good value on hot deals, but then you add that 75% extra and you realize that you can almost get an item for free. To find out more about hot deals of the week, just go to Sears website and click on Deals Center icon at the top of the page (just below the search bar for Sears items).

If you decide to shop at Sears this Christmas, you will most likely save a lot more than you might have originally thought, which will make your Christmas that much more special and memorable.

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