6 - 2010

Fake Plastic Fish Pries into Green Couples’ Business

If you’ve been following the online chatter about whether couples argue about their eco-saving activities, you will probably enjoy this.

Over at Fake Plastic Fish, Beth Terry has revealed her own household’s situation with a video of her and her husband talking trash (and recycling, and reduction, and of course, no plastic). Then she goes one step further to interview a number of green bloggers and others about whether they agree with their spouse or partner on green actions.

I put my two cents in the comments:

I definitely drive things at my house, but my husband is fine with most everything, and super-on-board with others. For instance, he loves to eat meat, and he is 100% supportive/takes initiative with purchasing organic/humanely raised meat almost exclusively (the occasional restaurant meal excepted). He also took the initiative with not replacing our second car, and instead he buses or bikes to work.

I’d also add that my daughter helps keep us motivated sometimes, too.

Check out the whole post at Disagreeing on Green Values: Why Michael Thinks I’m Ned Flanders.

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