13 - 2010

Cheap Like Me One Of The Top 100 Green Blogs For Students

I recently learned that this blog was included in’s list of the Top 100 Green Blogs for Students – hooray!

The site itself promotes various online college programs, and its list of Top Green Blogs really is great. It includes a number of blogs I already read, as well as some I’d like to become more familiar with.

If you click over and look through the list, Cheap Like Me is #34. Please scan the rest of the list, too, and see if you find one or two that you might want to add to your blog reader. Each respondent had the chance to nominate a couple of other blogs, which was fun, too.

Alexis, who compiled the list, asked a couple of great questions in her “interview” for the blog list. She couldn’t include complete answers due to space limitations, but I wanted to share one question and answer that didn’t make my description in the list:

Q: What do you hope readers will learn from your posts?

A: I most hope they’ll learn that tiny steps CAN make a difference. In the past decade, a few of us started bringing our own bags to stores or not taking bags at stores. Over the past few years, that has become an enormous movement, so that stores like IKEA (globally) and Natural Grocers (a local chain here in Denver) don’t even offer disposable bags, and places from cities to nations have outlawed disposable plastic bags. A bag is a tiny thing, but according to WorldWatch, factories produced at least 4 TRILLION bags in 2002. If we can significantly cut that number through individual action, that’s huge!

How do you like that number? Four trillion plastic bags – wow.

Thanks to all my readers for being a part of this blog — and doing your part beyond the computer screen.

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