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Best ways to cash out consistently at online slots without betting big

If you regularly play Royal Vegas online video slots or for that matter slots at any other online casino, you may already be aware of the basics of the game. So we’ll get straight to the tips.

Locate a fixed pay online slot if you wish to bet lower than the maximums

What’s special about fixed pay online slots is that they distribute prizes equally, no matter what the number of credits may be. For instance, a pay-out of 1000 coins from 1 credit would mean that you’d get 2000 coins from 2 credits and so on. But if it weren’t a fixed pay online slot game, you could get something like 1000 coins from 1 credit, 2000 coins from 2 credits, but 5000 coins from 3 credits. Hence, there may be a major difference in the maximum pay-outs from different denominations.

Go with the games that have smaller jackpots, rather than playing big progressive slots

The online slot games with smaller jackpots normally have low variances, and may feature extended playing times since you’re not entirely focused on just the top pay-out, rather a good number of smaller wins over your play time.

Choose a game that features excellent bonuses

Free spin enhancements, multipliers and bonus rounds can all add loads of money to your bankroll, apart from increasing your chances of bagging jackpots, by adding more numbers of spins. Make sure that the slot machine you go with triggers bonuses no matter what your bet amount may be. Regardless of whether you place a 1p or £ 50 bet, multiplying wins via different value-additions can make even pennies add up to huge amounts!

The video slots don’t pay a lot

More number of spins automatically mean more business for the casino. Whether it’s a real-life casino or an online one, it would want its players to continue betting. When it comes to video slots, although they’re a huge favourite of slots enthusiasts, they slow things down tremendously. The bonus rounds and video presentations are all digitally enhanced to allow interactive selection processes, thereby directly impacting the spin counts. As a result, their pay-out potential is not so high.

In progressive jackpot slots, go with the ones that offer the same prize potential no matter what the bet amount

Mega Moolah is a good example in this regard. It’s an extremely popular online slot game that gives you a chance to win millions of pounds in top prizes, regardless of your bet amount. Although placing high bets does increase your chance of reaching the jackpot bonus around, the bet amount isn’t always the determining factor. Whether you’ve bet 1p or the maximum, the chance of winning that million+ jackpot remains the same. The bonus round isn’t tied to any specific pay line, and is completely random in nature. Hence, such games provide the best opportunity to anyone wanting to bet low, but not willing to forgo the chance of winning big. Just remember to play responsibly!

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