9 - 2009

Where The Heck Have I Been?

After a couple of weeks of silence around here, I am finally peering out of the deep waves that have been washing me around.

It’s been a busy month or so at the Cheap house, with out-of-town company, a canceled vacation, a substituted staycation, helping a relative a little bit to cope with surgery, and just general summer busy-ness.

I have a list of things I could write about here, but honestly, as I turn the ideas over in my head I wonder if they are a bit repetitive after more than two years at this blog. I have been doing some soul searching about what blog writing does for me and why I do it, and some of that thinking has taken the place of blog writing.

As I think, it’s not that I’m not busy — my daughter has told me I “lead a very hectic lifestyle” — but in my spare time, I’ve been preoccupied with me: knitting, spinning, reading (currently, a thrift-store copy of Marie Antoinette: The Journey — it’s fabulous), watching movies (currently, Kath & Kim – Season One – very funny), reorganizing parts of the house, working a little in the garden, and trying to put myself back on track with some kind of exercise routine (I diligently — well, sort of diligently — completed one 30-day workout on EA Sports Active and then excused myself on the basis that we had out-of-town guests).

I’m not so sure things are going to get a lot better in the immediate future. I need a haircut, the dog needs to go to the groomer, we have parent-teacher conferences before school starts, I have to get back to work this week, the dog needs his teeth cleaned, and Mlle. Cheap wants me to jog in the park with her and teach her to ride a bike. Mr. Cheap starts back to school, and I’m leaving town for a few days with my sister and mother to celebrate a big birthday for my mom (let’s just say it ends with a zero).

In short, Cheap Like Me is still kicking, but for a little while, I need to disperse some of my energies elsewhere — from getting back to work after our staycation to cranking out some fiction to persuade my writing group that I’m serious!

Meanwhile, I came across this post on our local magazine’s Web site recently. Apparently, you can bake cookies in your car while you hike (or, you know, do laundry inside the house) — has anyone tried this?

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