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Product Review: SEED Body Care & Contests!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to review several products from the SEED collection.

SEED Power Body Care is creating naturally based body products using the “power of seeds.”

The green aspects

I was originally contacted because the line is more affordable than some luxury brands (keep reading for details on that), while containing natural ingredients, including grape seed oil, which the company is pitching as eco-friendly because grape seeds are a byproduct of the wine industry.

  • Ingredient Safety: I compared the ingredient labels to the safety ratings on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, and they came out with flying colors. Many of the ingredients are naturally plant-based. None of the ingredients in the three products I tried scores higher than a 2 on the EWG’s hazard listing (where 0 is completely free of hazard, and 10 is extremely harmful). That puts them firmly in EWG’s green zone – hurrah!
  • Packaging: The lotion comes in a nonrefillable, rather small (8 ounce) plastic bottle, which isn’t ideal. But the soap and the shampoo bar had no plastic, and came only in paperboard boxes. It would be awesome if the paperboard were made from recycled content if they really want to be green, but it doesn’t say anything about it.
  • Carbon: Shampoo bars are definitely more carbon-conservative than bottles of liquid shampoo — because they don’t contain water, they are lighter and more efficient to ship. Also, the products are made in the United States, which decreases shipping distances to U.S. destinations (as compared to products manufactured in Asia), in addition to bringing some peace of mind after all the recent scandals about ingredients in food and jewelry made in China.
  • Waste: If the grape seeds are actually reclaimed from the wine-making process, it’s nice to re-use those. All of the products say “grape-seed enriched” on their labels, and grape seed oil is the 5th ingredient in the shampoo and soap bars, and the 3rd ingredient in the lotion.

The cost

SEED products are available at some retailers and through a store on Alice.

The soap and the shampoo bar retail on Alice for $4.49, and the lotion is $8.99.

The shampoo bar is unquestionably a good value, and the soap is OK. The lotion … well, in terms of price, our current lotion at home cost around $20 for 32 ounces. It’s a formula that scores a 4 (or “caution”) from EWG (another formula from the same company scores a 2 when it is unscented — apparently the fragrance kicks ours up a notch). The SEED lotion costs nearly twice as much — although it is a bonus that the lotion (“invigorating citrus blend”) smells really good, with only natural scents.

But did you like ’em?

The products themselves are good:

  • Mr. Cheap loves the shampoo bar, which the company says is especially formulated for short hair. He reports that it cleans his hair, while almost leaving it with some stylability — as if he has a light gel or some other styler in it, when in reality he’s not very likely to use a hair product. A great part about it is that it sudses up really nicely. Supposedly, the shampoo is “invigorating citrus thyme” scent, but I can’t really smell it. I tried the shampoo bar and didn’t like it on my fine, medium-length hair.
  • The soap I received is unscented. It sudses up nicely, and it’s full (but not too full) of little bits of seeds, so if you use it directly on your skin (say, on those weird bumps that take up residence on the backs of arms) it’s a mild but effective exfoliant. I really like it.
  • The lotion smells great, and it does the job. For the cost and packaging size, I wouldn’t buy it over other products — but I like it, and I love that it has a natural fragrance.

SEED’s promotions and contest

SEED is running a few contests that will let fans of the products win free product, a donation to your favorite of several selected charities, or $250 toward your attendance at BlogHer 2010.

Here is the contest information, straight from the company’s mouth (so to speak):

  • At SEED, we believe every day is Earth Day, and we are celebrating Earth Month by asking you to give us your SEEDS of green inspiration. Tell us how you are “greening up your routine” in 140 characters or less on TWITTER (@seedpower) or Facebook ( Our favorite 25 tweets from Twitter and 25 favorite wall posts on Facebook will win 1 grape seed enriched moisturizing body soap and 1 grape seed enriched lathering shampoo bar (made especially for fine to normal and shorter hair)! All winning tips will also be posted on our blog, newsletter and/or other SEED Sites!
  • Support a worthy national charity!  If you join our e-mail/newsletter community between now and April 15th, you will be automatically entered for a chance to win $500 for a charity of your choice plus the entire SEED collection for you and a friend! Contest Rules: Only one winner per household. All winners must live in the USA or Canada.  If you post on Twitter remember to start your tweet with our hashtag: #seedpower so we can find your green-tastic tip!  The $500 donation winner may select from the following charities:  American Cancer Society, Big Brother/Big Sisters of America, Sierra Club or Autism Speaks.

SEED is also sponsoring a contest for attendees at the (already sold out) BlogHer Conference in August. The lucky winner in each of three contests (running now through March 31 – that’s Thursday!) will win a $250 sponsorship toward her BlogHer conference pass — but to redeem your prize, you must show proof of paid attendance. Visit this site for the three ways you can enter the contest.

Have any of you got a pass to this year’s BlogHer event? I confess, I’d love to go sometime, but it wasn’t even on my radar (it’s almost six months away!) and it’s already sold out — but you can still get on the waitlist.

Have you tried SEED products? Let us know what you think … and good luck with the contests.

Disclosure: I received a sample to test for this review.

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