26 - 2014

Guidelines for Responsible Gambling

online gambling_228x219Most people are able to gamble responsibly and only very few people get into personal trouble over their gambling. Essentially this is similar to drinking responsibly; most people are able to do so but just a few unfortunate ones get in trouble with their drinking and develop a drinking problem. Everybody needs a balance in their lifestyle, and it is never a good thing to overemphasis the importance of just one thing when you should spread your time around as well as your money on a variety of things.

There are a number of fundamental rules regarding gambling responsibly, and although they are fairly obvious it is always worth restating them. They are:

    • Set yourself a limit regarding the amount of money you will spend on gambling and stick to that limit
    • Similarly set yourself a limit on the amount of time you want to spend playing at a casino online or an actual land-based casino.
    • Never gamble in order to win back your losses
    • Never gamble more money than you can afford to lose; you might win of course but when you do just consider that as being a bonus
    • Don’t gamble in order to increase your income
    • Don’t gamble in order to get out of debt
    • Understand the rules of the games that you play including the odds of winning them and the payouts
    • Never borrow money in order to gamble
    • Keep a track of what you spend on gambling
    • Never gamble if you have had too much to drink

Those tips might sound a little draconian, but if you stick to them you will certainly avoid any problems and if you think about them you will see that they are all just common sense. We all have a duty to ourselves and everyone in our lives to ensure that we gamble responsibly; it’s not difficult to do.

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