22 - 2011

Fit For Life – Don’t Overthink It, Just Do It!

The following is a guest post by Melissa Cameron.

Like many people, I make (and break) yearly resolutions to get out and exercise more all the time. Good intentions start out well; I buy sneakers, a comfy set of workout clothes, maybe even a gym membership. I’d dive into a steady exercise program with resolve and determination. Then something (like life!) would interrupt my big planned schedule and I’d miss a workout.  Or maybe I found that I put on a pound instead of losing one and I got discouraged, flinging myself off the scale with “well, it didn’t work, why bother sweating!” or a rough equivalent.

In the end, I would self-sabotage myself right out of my resolution and into another year of feeling low on energy, out of breath on the stairs and panicking as summer arrives because I want to wear my favorite bathing suit at the beach. I feel lousy and like a failure.

Who Needs It?

I don’t! That’s why I’m tossing the resolution and looking at positive diet and exercise changes as not being a diet and exercise program, but as habits I can create to integrate naturally in my daily life and into my family’s lifestyle.

The first task was to get rid of the obstacles I’d created blocking my own success, like unrealistic expectations that I’d be able to always exercise on a schedule without interruptions. Life doesn’t stick to a schedule; weather changes, events happen – and it’s OK. I realized I don’t have to have 60-90 minutes of exercise all at once; sometimes finding a half hour here and there throughout the day is a lot easier.

Don’t Over think: Do!

The most important part of exercise is doing it. That means making the time for it and following through. While some folks prefer a program like a workout schedule for P90X, you don’t even need something that intense. You don’t need the trendiest workout clothes, a treadmill, or even a gym membership!

  • Don’t give your brain a chance to talk you out of exercise.  Like the Nike commercial says, just go do it.  Don’t think about going for a walk, put on your shoes and go!
  • Use daily, ordinary activities and make them into a workout. Got stairs at home? Don’t walk them, run them. Park away from store entrances so you walk further to the door. Got 20 minutes before the kids come home from school?  Walk briskly around the block!
  • Set the alarm early. Getting up a half hour earlier means you can get a workout in before the day starts to throw distractions at you.  You’ll wake up, work out and feel better from the get go. Even if the rest of the day turns into a scheduling nightmare, you’ve got at least 30 minutes of exercise in, which is thirty times better than having done nothing at all.

What have you done to fit exercise into your life?  What’s worked for you, or hasn’t? Tell us about it!

About the Author

Melissa Cameron is a married mother of two.  In addition to blogging regularly about family, health and parenting issues, she writes freelance articles for the web. In her quest to make exercise a lifelong habit, she’s checked out several products to make exercising at home easier, including a Bowflex dumbbells review.

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