11 - 2013

How to Find Redbox Codes

Currently, Americans can find over 40,000 Redbox kiosks in stores around the country. Each machine offers DVD rentals for just over $1.00 per day, and games are available for $2.00 per day. Consumers now rent thousands upon thousands of these discs every 24 hours. Fortunately, the company offers Redbox codes that allow people to save money on their rentals. These promotional codes offer discounts on one or more discs and even free nightly rentals.

These codes are available directly through the Redbox kiosks in some cases. When a person chooses a rental, the machine might display a promotional offer. A common discount offers one disc without charge for choosing three DVDs or games total. On the other hand, another discount might simply reduce the price for adding on a second DVD. Kiosks won’t display these savings opportunities each and every time. Consumers can find Redbox codes through other means, though.redbox

Without a doubt, Redbox users should sign up for an online account with the service. Subscribers are regularly sent promotional codes that can be used online or at the kiosk. Redbox quite commonly sends out free disc rentals to it’s e-mail subscribers, and everyone loves free DVDs. Plus, an individual will always know which games are coming soon to a kiosk near themselves. Members can even reserve a title at a nearby machine by going online.

Two final sources of Redbox codes include supermarkets and consumer goods. Sometimes, a grocer will partner up with Redbox and offer free codes for purchasing certain items. Food brands do the exact same thing with their specific products. By taking advantage of these promotions, individuals can earn tons of free rental codes. Popular products for such deals include popcorn and pizza. At least one promotion – sometimes more – like this is available at any given time.

Redbox rentals don’t cost too much money, which is why they are popular. Still, consumers should take advantage of Redbox codes to further their savings. The best codes provide free rentals, but saving any amount of money proves desirable. An individual can find these codes in supermarkets, online, and even at individual kiosks. In the end, there is no reason a person can’t find a promotional code each time they want to rent a DVD or video game.

Do you try to find Redbox codes before you rent a DVD or does that not matter to you?


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