29 - 2010

Wanna Be a Producer? Support a Documentary About Haitian Food Crisis

Sometimes you find recipes here. Today let’s take a slightly different tack on the issue of food, sustainability and agriculture.

Remember how Haiti’s earthquake stole headlines at the New Year? If you have been wondering where all the coverage of Haiti has gone following the disastrous earthquake in January, you are not alone. CNN has a special package featuring pleas for continued help, and recently I heard from some filmmakers who are seeking to make a documentary about the food crisis in Haiti.

Producer Joshua Levin wrote:

I’m producing a non-profit film on Haiti’s agricultural crisis and the grassroots sustainable ag-based recovery movement emerging there called Hands That Feed. Haiti is an amazing test-case of the failed models of the past, and we are making this film both to promote a new path for Haiti, as well as leverage this “teachable moment” for the world.

What the filmmaker needs now is your help! For $10 and up, you can help support them in funding filming for this documentary. Go to Kickstarter between now and Monday, Aug. 2, 2010, to make sure they get the money to get this film moving. They are so close — they have already raised pledges of nearly $14,000 and only need about $1,300 more!

You can see a preview of what they’re doing right here:

Hands That Feed- Video Pitch from Pangea Films on Vimeo.

Go to the Hands That Feed website to see a longer video with an introduction to one of the organizations they will be working with. And then think about going to Kickstarter (or just click below) to help them achieve their goal — and let the world know what’s going on with agriculture in Haiti.


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