21 - 2008

Tomatoes & okra & beans – garden update

It’s been hot, hot, hot and dry, dry, dry this week. Temperatures have been over 90F daily and we’ve had just a few drops of rain one day. Nevertheless, the garden soldiers on.

On Sunday, I harvested our first red Juliet tomato — a very early harvest. The plant has set quite a bit of green fruit, too.

Our Sweet Olive tomato, which makes small cherry-sized fruit, is on to its second round of red tomatoes.

The peanuts are starting to grow, now that we’ve cut down the lettuce that was shading them.

Next door to the peanuts, I finally took the last okra plant from its Wall O’ Water and saw that we have a half-dozen okra pods growing on the plants.

The bush beans are about to burst into bloom.

And the butternut squash is just as burly as ever.

But we’re not exempt from tragedy in the garden. See that empty white container? Remember how blithely I asserted that potatoes were easy? That container held my amazing potato plant, that got too much dirt dumped on it by (ahem) one member of our gardening team, and now the plant is dead, with nary a potato to show for it.

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