16 - 2008

Garden update – Beets and season extenders NOW?

The beets are growing! They finally sprouted and up they came. I don’t have a photo of the green beans, but they are growing (sheltered under row cover, so the birds can’t eat the sprouts), and the second planting (to replace what the birds ate) is coming up now.


Also, here’s a picture of the Meyer Lemon plant mentioned in last week’s questions answered. Don’t feel too sorry for it — it is growing new leaves now.


We have a bell pepper forming (and more coming) on my baby plant, living in a whiskey half-barrel out front.

bell pepper

One of the slicing tomatoes is setting fruit, too. (I can’t remember if it’s Celebrity or Better Boy.)


Mr. Cheap added more tube on top of one of the potato planters and dumped a lot of dirt in there. I hope the plant is OK. Hang in there, baby!


We still have season extenders — in the form of Walls-o-Water — on some of our plants, including pumpkin in the front yard and one set of okra seedlings in the back.


“But Cheap,” you ask, “wasn’t it 90 degrees yesterday?” Why yes, gentle reader, it was … and today it was 75 and cloudy. But the plants aren’t getting too hot — instead, they are blissfully happy. We have removed the Wall-o-Waters that fell down — here are the okra seedlings that are living outside now (and don’t you like our Colorado dirt? It’s actually moist …):

okra out

And here are the ones inside the Wall-o-Water:

okra in

Wow! I don’t know why they all wanted to fall down this year — maybe because all our Walls are at least 10 years old.

After I wrote about how to keep birds out of the garden, birds or mice came in and ate all our almost-ripe strawberries on Friday. Boo hoo. Now I have CDs hanging from the cage that’s over the berry bed. Every time I go outside, I think some moving creature is in the bed, so hopefully I’m fooling the birds as well as myself, and the next few will be ours.

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