25 - 2013

How To Find Free Checking Account Promotions

checkingMany people wonder how to find free checking account promotions, and the truth is that finding free checking account promotions can be very easy by taking a few simple yet important steps.

Look For Promotions Online

Many banks advertise their checking account promotions online, and by typing in information regarding potentially free checking account promotions in a certain area, a customer can easily find a wide variety of different promotions in their area.

In addition, online listings for free checking account promotions tend to have a large amount of important details regarding each promotion, so a person will know all of the details and requirements ahead of time.

Call Different Banks

Banks are usually more inclined to offer free checking account promotions to potential customers that are already prepared to sign up for a new checking account. By calling different banks and asking about any promotions that they are currently offering, a person can usually find many free checking account promotions that they didn’t even know about in their area.

In addition, a person may be able to find better promotions by calling different banks, and some of the best promotions aren’t always advertised by a bank.

Ask Friends And Family

Usually, a person will have a friend or a family member that knows about free checking account promotions because they may have just received a free promotion. A person can mention the fact that they are looking for a checking account that offers promotions to their friends and family, and a friend or a family member can likely give them a referral.

Determine The Amount Of Any Bonus

Different banks offer different bonus amounts for new customers that are opening a checking account, and when a new customer is opening a checking account, they can ask the branch representative about the amount of the bonus that they offer.

Different Requirements And Stipulations

Various banks have certain requirements and stipulations that their new customers must meet in order to receive a bonus or a promotion for opening a new checking account. While these requirements can vary widely depending on the bank, they usually include a certain amount that a person must deposit during a certain period of time, enrolling in direct deposit or enrolling in online or mobile banking.

Sometimes, banks won’t have any requirements or stipulations in order to receive a bonus for a new checking account.

Opening A Savings Account

Some banks will offer even larger bonuses and better promotions for opening a savings account in addition to opening a checking account. A new customer can ask their bank representative about any extra bonuses for opening a savings and a checking account, or the customer can look online to find out about larger bonuses for opening two types of accounts.


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