28 - 2013

Crawling Out Of Trouble

In 2005, Mary felt on top of the world.  As an executive at a large bank in the region, she had a good salary, strong benefits, and a family who adored her*.  Although she worked long hours, she had a good support system, consisting of nannies, housekeepers, and friends that she could rely upon when she needed the extra help.

Mary’s world came crashing down in 2008.  It began with the economic downturn in 2007.  Mary was one of the first bank executives to lose her job.  However, she still had a great severance package, benefits, a healthy savings account, and a husband who was still earning a solid salary.  Soon after her unexpected layoff, Mary was involved in a serious car accident, which resulted in a back injury.  After months of care, and expensive medical treatment, Mary began to rely upon doctor-prescribed narcotic painkillers to manage her relentless back pain.  When her doctor began to worry about a dependency upon the medication, he stopped writing prescriptions, and began to explore alternative therapies.  But at this point it was too late; Mary had already become addicted to the painkillers.

For a while, Mary was able to find other doctors who would write her prescriptions for the pain relievers. But as her dependency grew, she eventually ran out of options.  A year after her accident, Mary was arrested for forging prescriptions for narcotic painkillers.  A month after her arrest, her husband lost his job.

At times, life can be incredibly difficult and challenging.  It would appear that this would be the end of Mary’s story, and for others like her.  But, people can and do overcome difficult and challenging circumstances.  Using a bail bonds service, such as Expert Bail, Mary was able to post bail was she awaited her trial.  Since she had no prior arrests, Mary was able to be sentenced to rehabilitation services instead of jail time.  Her husband quickly found new work.  With time, and a lot of hard work, Mary was able to end her addiction, and resume her life.

We all face difficulties in life, but it are these difficulties which make us stronger, and able to withstand the next challenge.  Mary was able to utilize several important key strategies to help her to overcome these difficulties.  First, she was able to seek outside guidance in the form of a bail bonds service.  This prevented Mary from serving jail time and leaving her family.  Secondly, she was able to seek treatment for her addiction.  Mary understood the importance of seeking guidance from professionals when it was warranted.  Finally, Mary did not compound her troubles by refusing treatment and guidance, and was willing to address areas in her life which needed change.

When faced with troubles and difficulties in life, it is important to reach for support from those who are experienced at facing the obstacle.  Although overcoming obstacles is difficult, once we do so, we are left as stronger and more resilient people.

*Names and circumstances have been altered to protect identity.

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