4 - 2007

What is Cheap Like Me?

There are a lot of personal finance blogs out there. I know. I read a bunch of them. 

This blog is about my journey to cheap. It’s about saving money, being frugal, without giving up the things that bring joy to my life: Friends. Good food. Travel. A glass of wine or a cocktail.

It’s about searching for a way of life that combines frugality in several regards:

  • Saving money on the day-to-day expenses that add up.
  • Getting the best deal on the things I do buy.
  • Trying to make the choice that most benefits the environment.
  • Changing my way of life, little by little, to save money, enhance my lifestyle and teach my daughter great financial habits. 

But it’s also about being able to be a part of our culture.

I admire people who buy every garment at a thrift store or wear the same off-brand sneakers for a decade — but that isn’t me. 

Those who drive a beat-up car they repair themselves or ride their bike everywhere are doing the planet a service and saving money — but that doesn’t work with my lifestyle.

On the other hand, I’d usually rather slam my hand in my car door than pay full retail for my clothes, and I take plenty of actions that give other people hives to think about, from hardly ever using my clothes dryer to my current experiment with making yogurt. 

Last fall, I bought a brand-new, high-efficiency washer and dryer for a total net cost of less than $300. And every month, I feed my family of three nearly all of our meals on mostly organic and brand-name foods for under $400.

Some of the things I choose to do won’t be desirable for anyone else. Others will spark an idea that brings new life to your budget. That’s the idea of being Cheap Like Me.

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