1 - 2008

Paranoid Green Edition Friday Wrap-Up

The worst thing about being eco-conscious is learning about all the things you need to worry about. Here, for your convenience in one location, are a few of the latest:

Your kitchen counter

Granite counters are natural, right? That’s good. Unless they’re irradiating you. Check out this link at Green Daily for the rundown. I guess we must buy clean recycled counters … or have no kitchen at all.

Your car & your tot’s carseat

Yep, toxic — not only from the tailpipe, but from the materials inside. Worst off: Drivers of Mitsubishi, Suzuki and BMW models, and kids sporting a Britax or Alpha Sport seat. This one is also from Green Daily.

Your cell phone

They’re toxic to produce, toxic to dispose of, and now, more evidence that they shoot radioactive waves into brain tissue. Find the radiation rating of your phone on CNET. You can minimize the badness by using the speaker phone, a wired headset or (less good) a bluetooth headset. New research recommends kids not use ’em at all, because of their delicate little noggins (and quickly developing brain tissue). Try a can and string. Organic cotton string!

Your dry cleaner

Face it, you knew that organic dry cleaner on the corner was too good to be true. Sure, you can recycle the dry cleaning bag now. Take a look at the real scoop, courtesy of Fake Plastic Fish. If you live in San Francisco, you can just piggy back on her research and call up her cleaner for a little clean-green-delivering.

Your kid’s toys and your shower curtain

Green Daily is on it with more depressing news about phthalates. Not only are they chock full of the same rare consonant combination as the word “diphthong,” they are full of hormones that will turn boys into girly-men. Fortunately, Congress has passed a ban. Unfortunately, no one knows if Dubya will sign it.

Your tires

Not only are tires bad for the environment, they could be risking your life. Check out this post from Wise Bread about how to find out if your “new” tires have been sitting around for years.

What are your favorite things to be paranoid about? Let’s get worrying, people.

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