11 - 2010

GIVEAWAY! The Diva Cup

Ladies, here’s one just for you! Men, be warned.

If you’ve spent much time here, you know I’m a huge fan of The DivaCup, a reusable silicone menstrual cup that is convenient, cost effective, and fabulous for the environment compared to disposable menstrual products. Now The DivaCup has contacted me to ask if I would sponsor a giveaway of a DivaCup to one lucky reader!

The benefits

In short, here are the benefits of reusable menstrual cups, including The DivaCup. (There are other types and brands. I’ve personally only used this one, and YMMV, but the benefits are comparable.)

  • Convenience. With a cup, women can insert it once daily and leave it for as long as 12 hours. I can honestly say I’ve NEVER been able to forget about Aunt Flo until I tried a cup.
  • Flexibility. Leave it overnight. Keep it tucked in your purse just in case. Use it during swimming, skiing, hiking, camping, yoga, whatever — you won’t even know it’s there.
  • Environmental benefit. The DivaCup company reports that in 1998 alone, U.S. women disposed an estimated 13.5 billion sanitary pads and 6.5 billion tampons. Assuming each pad or tampon weighs .21 ounces (an estimate for an ultrathin pad), that’s about 131,250 TONS of waste per year.  If there are 150 million women in the U.S., and one-third are in their menstruating years, and every one switched to a reusable cup weighing 2 ounces, and replaced the cup annually as instructed, the waste would total 3,125 tons. That would be a savings of 98 percent of related waste!Closer to home, picture an empty trash can after your cycle.

  • Cost savings. Again, DivaCup estimates women save about $150 to $200 per year by using a cup rather than disposable pads or tampons. If you switch to the cup at age 18 and use it till age 50, you could save almost $6,000.

For more detail

If you have questions about the DivaCup, you can get all the information you need from the DivaCup Web site.

Also, I’ve written two posts that get down and dirty about my experience with the menstrual cup. (Men, if you’re still reading, don’t click over to these old posts, for your own good.)

The first one talked about my initial experience. Cup use does have a bit of a learning curve (one or two cycles to master it). That’s why my cup mentor, Crunchy Chicken, encouraged newbies to commit to trying it for 3 months, to give it a fair shake.

The second post noted how I felt about the cup (LOVE!) after using it for a year.

Both posts include lots of comments with readers’ experiences and suggestions. If you’re thinking about making the switch, check them out. Consider it like an early birthday gift if you need some birthday card quotes!

To enter the contest

To enter the drawing, leave a comment about whether you are a current or wannabe menstrual cup user. Drawing ends on Feb. 25, 2010. Only one entry per person will be counted. Winner will be chosen by random selection.

After the contest ends, The DivaCup will ship the winner a size 1 or size 2 DivaCup from their facilities in Canada.  The winner will need to provide her model size, contact name, address, e-mail address and phone number.

To get your own cup

If you happen not to win, please consider picking up a cup of your own and giving it a try! Check with local retailers to buy the Diva Cup, or visit Amazon to make a purchase (every purchase you make from that link benefits Cheap Like Me through the Amazon affiliate program).

Disclosure of material connection: I’ve received nothing for this review but the opportunity to give a reader a free DivaCup.

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