12 - 2009

Friday Wrap-Up: Summer salads, driving, yard sales & organic coupons

Summertime, and the savin’ is easy — that’s right, it’s a cheesy-play-on-song-lyrics edition of the Friday wrap-up today. Without further ado, here’s what I’ve found for you this week:

Summer salads

The Frugal Finesse blog of the South Bend, Ind., Tribune brings us “Ten healthy, inexpensive summer salads.” I for one am being spoiled rotten this week by Mr. Cheap’s being on summer vacation — he’s such a good cook, and unlike me, he has the know-how AND determination to cook a real dinner every night! Go Mr. Cheap! But Kim Kilbride, the blog author, has 10 quick and easy ideas that just might be a good compromise. She’s asking for other ideas, too, if you feel like sharing.

A/C or windows?

It is the “paper or plastic” question of the automotive set, come summer, although I don’t recommend you choose “neither” on this one. Never fear, Focus Organic can explain the answer to you.

Stick or shift?

This question comes up on the dealer’s lot — and apparently at the rental window. Uber-cheapskate Jeff Yeager argues that you can save $30,000 in your lifetime by choosing stick only. Check out his rationale at Wise Bread.

Coupons on organics

Deal-Seeking Mom has a link to 29 printable Stonyfield Farms-sponsored coupons for a variety of organic coupons. It’s so nice to put a little organic in the coupon organizer!

Yard sale treasure map

It’s Friday, so the time is ripe for plotting your yard-sale attack this weekend. A reader tipped me off to this awesome, awesome use of technology: The Yard Sale Treasure Map allows you to put in your ZIP Code and how far afield you’re willing to roam for bargains. Then the site returns a list of sales advertised on Craigslist, organized by location. You can rearrange the route to your liking, view ads and delete those that don’t pique your interest, and then print out directions. SWEET! Thank you, Jessica!

Finally, I don’t know about you, but in these parts, here’s to a weekend without a tornado. Enjoy.

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