25 - 2010

DivaCup giveaway winner named

The DivaCup giveaway has ended, and I’ve selected a winner with the help of the random number generator at Random.org.

The winner is … Valerie R.! For her, it’s truly the gift that will keep on giving. She wrote:

I’m close to menopause, so my menstrual waste days are almost done. However, I would love to get my daughter started on something like this. Better for her and the environment.

However, Valerie didn’t include her e-mail address. Valerie, please contact me (click on the CONTACT tab at the top of the page) by Sunday, Feb. 28, with your mailing address, or I will select another winner.

If you didn’t win …

Of course, you can visit The DivaCup Web site to learn all about the product and  allay your concerns. Another great place to learn about all the different types of menstrual cups and learn from real users is the Menstrual Cup community at menstrualcups.org.

Just to revisit, we had almost 50 entries to this contest, and several thousand people have read my posts about the DivaCup.

  • If only 50 of you switched to cups, together we’d save almost $9,000 this year on menstrual products.
  • If only 50 of you switched to cups from using 15 disposable pads or tampons per cycle, together we’d eliminate 9,000 pads and tampons.

Think about it — what could you do with an extra $150 to $200 this year, plus MORE convenience, MORE comfort, and the knowledge that together you kept 300 boxes of reusable menstrual products out of the landfill?

Interested in a challenge?

If some of you are interested in starting to use a reusable menstrual cup and would like some support, we could start a challenge group to revisit the transition over the next few months.

Often, my readers are not big “challengers” (what can I say, we’re busy!), but if you are interested, sign on in the comments section to let us know, and if you have a great euphemism to title the challenge, please suggest it (Cup Week? Aunt Flo? Having the painters in?). Use a pseudonym if you like – we won’t judge. It just might be easier to “discuss” with virtual friends than real ones.

Also, if you are just starting out and have any questions, feel free to discuss in the comments here, or if you are shy, send a message (again, use that CONTACT link at the top of the page) and I’ll try to find answers for you.

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