15 - 2009

Bike Along With David Byrne and Chile

I love David Byrne. Let’s just get that out there. I would like to be a fly on the wall inside his skull. (Metaphorically, not literally. Because that’s gross.) I wanted to illustrate this post with an ethereal photo from his concert this summer, but it’s from my camera phone, and I’m not smart enough to get it here.

I love this blog post because in writing it, I stumbled across David Byrne’s online, public journal, which looks like fascinating reading.

If you are into the David Byrne thing, or urban bicycling, and have a few (OK, a lot of) dollars (or UK pounds, specifically) to burn, Treehugger has reported that you can bid to buy the specific rusty, handlebars-raised, folding bicycle that David Byrne used to pedal around Europe and the U.S., and about which he writes in a forthcoming book, Bicycle Diaries. All proceeds from the auction will benefit the London Cycling Campaign. The auction, which currently stands at 1,120 pounds, ends Aug. 16. Caveat: You must pick up the bike in person.

More relevant bike tips

We are slowly, slowly working our way to better bike skills at our house. We’ve been eyeing bikes at every store nearby, trying to figure out what kind of bikes we want. And this very weekend, Mlle. Cheap is heading out with her dad to try to master the art? skill? instinct? of bike riding.

If you aren’t in the market for Byrne’s bicycle, but you’re ready to jump on the bicycling bandwagon, Chile Chews has published an exhaustive list of bike commuting tips. She knows whereof she speaks, so check it out before you jump on the bike.

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