21 - 2017

Life, Work & Bills: Why Entertainment & Diversions Are Essential To Health

Most people think it was Jack Torrance, played a little too realistically Jack Nicholson in the 1980 horror classic ‘The Shining’, who coined the sinister phrase ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. However, in actual fact, the proverb has been dated as having roots as far back as the mid 17th century, showing that feeling overworked, overburdened and simply stressed to breaking point have sadly been around for many generations of people.

Astonishingly the World Health Organization estimated in February 2017 that around 300 million people worldwide will have suffered a depressive episode during 2015, with the numbers increasing faster than the rate of global population growth. The WHO concluded their report by suggesting that depression was the number one cause of disability, with rates in the Western world increasing most rapidly as healthcare professionals become more open to registering a diagnosis. Just to make things even worse, depressive anxiety disorders were rising at an equivalent rate – all of which must ask the simple question ‘what can we do about it?’.

Clinical treatments including medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, and lifestyle advice have all been proven to be effective in most cases – but the problem is that there are estimated to still be millions of people enduring mental health issues ranging from stress to depression without any diagnosis. Increasingly healthcare legislators are trying to encourage people to simply know when it’s time to switch off and enjoy their own ‘down time’. While this may be easier said than done, having an outlet for some escapism, is essential to psychological health – and here are a few factors that may be worth considering.

Start A Personal Lifestyle Plan

Many people who are feeling ground down the modern world feel a sense of helplessness, just a sense of being a passenger while their lives fleet by. Often, taking the time to address personal problems can go a long way to long term improvements. Financial affairs are usually at the top, alongside family and relationship upset. Taking the time to address these even if just for a short while can make life simply feel far more enjoyable, as having a few pennies in the bank opens up many opportunities to be able to have some fun. People who are financially fine are inversely prone to simply working too hard, especially those in high-pressure jobs or who are self-employed. Just covering the basics and experimenting with a better balance is a crucial first step to enhancing long term mental and physical health.

Why Entertainment Is Essential

There have never been more options available for people to enjoy their down time, but still many people feel unfilled or lose interest in what they once took pleasure from. In most cases, people can regain their interest providing they find a way of making time for their hobbies and distractions. Naturally, this could be anything for anyone; some people like to go walking or out socializing while others may just prefer the escapism of video games or a peaceful session of online slots available at The key is not to let one hobby take total precedent and instead try to keep a number of interests planned out in an orderly timescale. As Jack was insinuating, variety is the spice of life and being stuck in a rut is a soul crushing way to exist.

So What Is Jack To Do?

Many people like to fantasize about throwing everything in and forcing their life to take a fresh tangent, yet unfortunately, this is only rarely actually successful. The grass is maybe greener but endangering work commitments and even relationships from sheer frustration may be a too drastic option to take and requires plenty of thought. Believe it or not, depressed folks to actually often get better – or at least capable of managing their issues with pragmatic lifestyle changes – and there’s never any need to suffer in silence. Those feeling down would always be advised to try and talk it through with a trusted person or trained counselor – there is no need to feel stigma regarding psychological well-being and stress anymore.

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