17 - 2008

Going green for St. Patrick’s Day

Every day at my daughter’s school, they have a question of the day for each child to answer at check-in. Today’s question was “Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?” We don’t, really, even though Little Cheap’s birthday is tomorrow (we’re not Irish, for one). She has asked us to celebrate so I’ve been trying to think of something today. But today she decided to put “No” just because she was having a “no” kind of day. That’s because I told her she couldn’t bring a fragile birthday gift in to share at the last minute. So we are celebrating the “green” day with green as in envy (of children with mothers who let them share), green as in the Grinch … and of course green as in eco-friendly.

I don’t know if there’s a shade of green for grouchy, but if so, I’ve got that. I stayed up late last night making my week’s grocery list so I can run to the store. We are trying to eat in after a spate of giving in to the dining-out monster. So I made a great list, looking at the sales; organized all my coupons; and got prepared for a few special events we have planned this week, like an Irish dinner tonight, taking vegetarian chili for my daughter’s teachers during conferences on Thursday, taking birthday cupcakes in to school tomorrow, and of course, preparing Little Cheap’s requested birthday dinner: Banana splits.

I left the gym and headed to the store, only to find my coupon folder missing. I don’t know if, in my half-awake state, I stuck it in Little Cheap’s backpack with her water bottle this morning, or if some genius nabbed it out of my bag (sitting on the floor behind the elliptical machine) at the gym. If the latter, I take some consolation in how annoyed they must have been to realize it was an ancient nylon Hormel-logoed coupon organizer (with not even that many coupons in it) rather than a wallet.

To celebrate with something green, today I found this great carbon footprint calculator online and tried it out.  My footprint was 12 tons. Almost 5 of that was for our vehicles. Makes me think even harder about upgrading to a Prius next year when I pay off the current newish vehicle; that would cut our emissions in half. (My only gripe is that I’m not 100% clear if their statistics are per person or per household at the end.)

How do you come out? Are you going to do anything about it?

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