24 - 2009

Check Out An Electricity Meter To Save Energy

Last year, I wrote about how an electricity meter caused me to rethink my coffee strategy — and slash our electricity bill.

In case you don’t own such a meter, I’ve learned that the Denver Public Library has teamed up with Xcel Energy to add portable Watts Up? power meters to its circulating collection. That means cardholders can reserve and check out a meter to measure their own electricity use, letting them know where to make changes to save energy. Not in Denver? Your public library might offer a similar service. Go here to search, and add your library system name to find out if watt meters are available near you.

Sharing these meters is a great idea. The one I bought cost around $50, and we only used it for a little while. (I’ve loaned it to a friend now to share the wealth.) If you can’t find one near you to borrow, consider making it known to your circle that you have one to lend. Or perhaps your employer needs one that it could lend to employees.

Have you tried the Kill-a-Watt or other electricity meter? Did you have any eye-opening results?

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