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Cheap Solar Energy – A Guide for Beginners

Cheap Solar EnergyCheap solar energy may be obtained in several ways; however, the most popular method of obtaining green energy solar power is through photovoltaic or “PV” panels. These specially-designed panels convert the rays emitted from the sun into electricity. This is made possible by exciting the electrons that are contained within silicon cells by using the special photons of the light from the sun. Once the electricity is created, it may be used to provide an ample supply of renewable energy to your home. This cheap solar energy is considered to be the cleanest and the most reliable type of renewable energy. If you would like to harness the power of green energy solar power in your home, continue reading this beginner’s guide for valuable information.

The Components of a Cheap Solar Energy System for the Home

In order to ensure that you are able to truly harness the power and savings associated with a cheap solar energy system for the home, it is imperative that you learn about the various components of the unit. The following highlights each of these components and provides you with a bit of detailed information on each component:

  1. The Roof System – In nearly all instances in which green energy solar power panels are placed on a home, they are placed on the roof of the residence. The roof system should have the maximum amount of exposure to the sun. Factors that result in the development of shading – such as large trees – could detrimentally impact the production of power within the solar panels. Most individuals use a specially-designed device, which is called a “Solar Pathfinder”, in order to identify the best location for the installation of the solar panels for optimal sun exposure.
  2. The Solar Panels – The solar panels that are used to obtain cheap solar power contain photovoltaic cells that are composed from silicon that have the unique capability of transforming light from the sun into electricity. These panels are often referred to as “modules”. The electricity that is produced with these solar panels creates “DC” or “Direct Current” electricity. In order for the cheap solar power to be utilized throughout the residence, the “DC” power must be converted to “AC” power or “Alternating Current”.
  3. The Inverter – In order to succeed at obtaining green energy solar power from the solar panels that are placed on the home, it will be necessary to obtain and install an inverter. This product is typically installed in close proximity to the solar panels that have been placed on the home. This aspect of the cheap solar power unit transforms the “DC” power to “AC” power. It must be connected to a dedicated circuit in the breaker box or electrical panel in the home.
  4. The Net Meter – This is essential for cheap solar energy systems that still have a connection to the standard electric grid. These units must be net metered. This means that it reduces the demand from the standard electrical grid when the solar panels are generating electricity. This aids in reducing your utility bill. Additionally, the net meter will automatically shut off grid power during an outage so that the grid does not back feed electricity.

The Benefits

There are several benefits associated with green power solar energy. The most popular include:

  • Cheap Solar Power Eliminates Costly Electric Bills
  • Solar Power Increases a Homeowner’s Independence
  • Reduction of Your Carbon Footprint
  • You Will Own Clean Energy That is Renewable
  • You May Receive a Tax Credit of 30% of the System’s Total Cost

Cheap solar energy units assist in lowering your utility bills. The systems have the unique ability to, literally, pay for themselves as time progresses. Furthermore, the systems help in reducing air pollution by reducing the peak load capacity that occurs at certain times with electrical companies. If you have a desire to save money, save the environment, and increase your personal savings, cheap solar power is the way to succeed! All it takes is a little knowledge, a little time, installation, and adjusting to the new means of acquiring power and you will discover that your cheap solar energy system is the best investment for you and your loved ones!

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