26 - 2014

5 Unusual Ways To Make Money For College That Help The Environment

money-for-college5 Unusual Ways To Make Money For College That Help The Environment

Making money for college can be a challenge. It is hard to balance work and going to school. One approach that may make it better, is to do work that is fulfilling. It is also good to start young. Seeking out opportunities to work with the environment may be the answer for many students who want to help pay for expenses and have a positive impact. There are many opportunities for both students who are pursuing a career in an environmental science related field and those who simply want the experience while working towards a different educational goal.

The Student Conservation Association has opportunities for high school students

High school students ages 15 to 18 years old can sign up to serve with local programs connected with the Student Conservation Association in many locations around the U.S. Students explore the outdoors and contribute to serving green spaces. Working with a Summer Community Crew, youth have the chance to to earn stipends, gain experience, receive special training and certifications and earn academic credit. Positions offered for students 18 and up can also be eligible for AmeriCorps Education Awards and other financial assistance or payment. These positions for teens are open to high school students who may not pursue environmental jobs but want to earn money for college.

Brower Youth Award for Environmental Leadership for ages 13 to 22

A student can win a $3000 cash prize, a professionally produced mini doc, a flight and accommodations to the San Francisco Bay Area. This award was established by the Earth Island Institute. Six awards are given annually for outstanding leadership in environmental causes. They are looking for hard working passionate leaders who are bringing new perspectives and solution-based thinking to the forefront in their communities.

GeoCorps America for college students in the earth sciences

GeoCorps America offers paid internship positions for undergraduate and graduate students each year. Project areas include geology, paleontology, and geo-hazards among others. Guest scientist positions are open for students who are further along in their education and meet certain requirements. A student can earn a stipend beginning at $3000 for a summer experience in one of the partnering National Parks.

Annie’s Homegrown (the company known for organic mac and cheese) steps up to the plate

Not only does Annie’s Homegrown award grant donations to schools and other educational programs to launch gardens each year, but they also offer $100,000 in scholarship awards to students pursuing education in sustainable agriculture. The scholarship is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Applicants complete a 2-3 page essay explaining how their work will cultivate goodness through sustainable agricultural and related practices.

Why not work for the EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency offers both paid and unpaid internships. They hire high school and college students for paid positions ranging from clerical work, positions in the life sciences and program and policy analysis. Locations range from D.C. offices to various research sites around the country. A student can earn a rate of $9.25 to $11.25 per hour. These positions usually last up to 16 weeks. There are also summer internships available.

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If you are looking for fun and interesting ways to earn money for college for yourself or your kids and are interested in environmental jobs now is the time to start looking. Many applications will open up again in January of the new year and fill up fast.

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