14 - 2008

What can you Just.Not.Do?

straw flowersHappy Valentine’s Day, featuring my non- eco- friendly (but cheap, crafty and personalized) child’s Valentine’s!

Yes, that’s right, it’s a whole stack of pretend flowers made from straws and cellophane tape. Landfill, here we come.

Little Cheap learned how to make these at a Chinese New Year event this weekend, and she loves them. It’s a detailed, but doesn’t matter if you’re kinda sloppy, semi-obsessive activity – perfect for her. So yes, I rushed out and spent 50 cents on a box of straws for her to indulge herself in making 22 of these for her class at school.

I thought about arguing that it wasn’t eco-friendly and we should do something else. I have done so, in the past. And then I thought, for heaven’s sake, let her have one thing.

Here, I mostly post about my successes, but I do have my eco-failures (and wastes of money, too).

  • I won’t give up fairly warm showers. I’ve turned them down from hot, they are pretty short, I usually shower only every other day (don’t tell!), so I don’t feel too guilty on this one. And I did get rid of the hot tub … but I can’t promise I’ll never again take one of the hot, hot baths I love (and which are sooo good for my crunchy muscles).
  • I won’t give up driving. I try to consolidate errands; we live where we can walk to the grocery store. But I can’t sign off visiting my mother and sister, and I won’t commit to the bus, either. (We live in a city with supposedly one of the nation’s best public transport systems. Yet I can drive from Denver to Boulder in 30 minutes. When I took the bus to Boulder to a meeting — trying to be very eco-friendly — it took 2 hours each way. I just don’t have that kind of time.)
  • I won’t turn the heat down any further. I keep the thermostat set at 67 or 68 most days. The actual temperature in our rooms is about 64. I might be able to bundle up more, put a hot water bottle on my lap, or drug the dog so he’ll lie on my frozen feet, but as it is, my hands sometimes get stiff from cold, so short of moving into a house with a wood stove where I can huddle all winter, it ain’t gonna happen. I do turn it down to 58 at night.

So back on the theme of Valentine’s Day … what do you LOVE too much to give up, no matter what? And just how guilty do you feel?

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