30 - 2007

Weekly Wrap-Up: Is it worth your while to turn off the lights, and car sharing


A couple of weeks ago, The Simple Dollar wrote an article about how much it costs to leave lights on. He concluded that if it takes him two minutes to turn off the lights in his house (he must have a big house! I think my almost-2,000-square-foot house would take less than a minute – but maybe they have more lights on?), it’s generally not worth his time, unless he’s going away for the whole weekend. Much of his feedback was people saying he’s too cheap; others chimed in criticizing the waste — at any cost — of leaving a bunch of electricity running in an empty house. Where do you stand on this one?


And No Impact Man has ended his year-long experiment. Now that he can ride in a car again, this week he posted an article about car-sharing, which we don’t really have here in Denver. Has anyone tried it?

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