17 - 2008

Where’s the beef?

beef cutsYou might remember we ordered a quarter of beef a while back.

Where is it?

I don’t know. Hopefully still at the processor.

We’re new to all this, and it’s rather confusing. We thought we would be picking it up March 1. I called to confirm, and reached general confusion — why on earth did I think it would be done? (Well, maybe because during Mr. Cheap’s half-hour conversation about cutting, we were told March 1?)

They said they’d call us this past week, so we could pick it up March 8.

No word.

I thought it might be last week, but they didn’t call. We did get a bill from the rancher for $310 for what I anticipate will be about 150 pounds of beef. We’ll pay the processor about another $100, we think, coming out to $2.73 a pound plus gas to pick it up.

So … we wait. It sure isn’t like rushing over to the grocery store to pick up some hamburger. So far, that’s OK. We’re just trusting in the local beef gods. Wish us luck. Anyone else been through this?

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