2 - 2007

One of the main principles of financial security

This month, I’m pursuing a sure-fire way to increase financial security: Make more money.

I’ve got work coming out of my ears, so I may not be as present here for a little while.

In addition, the garden is going great guns! We are trying some brined pickles (jury still out – they are still brining), and I expect a truckload of cucumbers to appear this weekend, hopefully in time for a pickle-fest while it’s still the weekend.

Here are a few shots to remind us of summer’s bounty … and I figured I ought to catch it in case a hailstorm kills it all tomorrow.

First we’ve got the look at our new bed this year.

big bed Our hideous clay soil was amended with a heaping helping of compost and composted horse manure, and I think it shows. You can also see our springtime enthusiasm, before we realized what would happen here.

This bed includes:

  • One eggplant.
  • A bunch of carrots (in the front of the bed).
  • Two basil plants.
  • One (?) yellow pear tomato plant (that’s the big one).
  • Two (or three?) Better Boy tomato plants.
  • Five Brussels sprouts plants. Now, this decision was made not because we’re completely insane, but because in the past, Brussels sprouts have either gone completely kaput at an early stage, or been devoured by aphids in July. This year? No aphids. Healthy plants. Our insurance policy will pay off in mounds o’ sprouts (hopefully).
  • Around a dozen cucumber plants.
  • A few mangy radishes.
  • A few even mangier new carrot seedlings.
  • A few mangy-bordering-on-dead lettuce plants.

The idea was we could plant lettuce beneath the cuke trellis. Uh … maybe in a bigger bed with a bigger trellis or fewer cukes. Meanwhile, hey! The more the merrier!

And here’s where the plants stand now. God bless ’em. (And I’m sorry the pictures are so wacky! I don’t know how to fix them … I think it’s a flaw in the design scheme here.)


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