15 - 2008

Garden Update 2008

Spring is here and things are growing!

We have a bunch of crops started. In fact, the first batch of spinach is just about done — ready to pick, cook and freeze.


Lettuce is going into salads.


Inside, our seedlings have taken off — scarlet runner beans, pumpkins, butternut squash, cantaloupe, and okra.


The peanuts, on the other hand, started out looking like a mold/mushroom/space alien combination.


Outside, we’ve had blossoms on our apricot tree, cherry tree and apple trees … but I’ve only seen two bees so far, so I don’t know if pollination is underway. It seems doubtful. Very sad.

Potatoes are just cropping up in one of our two containers.


We’ve got herbs coming along nicely, some self-seeded dill growing, and parsley that overwintered under the protective leaves of the frostbitten collards.


The peas … well, the birds ate them, and I don’t know if they’ll make it before it gets too hot.

And out of the six Napa cabbage seedlings Mr. Cheap set out under milk-jug cloches, just one is still fighting.

We’re getting ready to plant beets, arugula, bush green beans and a new batch of lettuce and spinach. In just a couple of weeks, we can install everybody else: Tomatoes, the seedlings mentioned above, Brussels sprouts.

What’s growing in your patch of Earth?

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