30 - 2008

Friday wrap-up:

I’ve written before about the many joys of baking soda, but there’s an entire book out there dedicated to “Resourceful and Ingenious Uses of Baking Soda.” It’s free online, so feel free to check it out. (via The Simple Dollar)

Verda Vivo posted “50 ways to help the planet” today. I noted that I have switched to cotton swabs with a paper core (one of the items) — which, I believe, are compostable. A few other comments on the list:

  • It suggests “skip the coffee stirrer” — if you put your cream and sugar in the cup, then pour the coffee in, the swirling/pouring motion will do the stirring for you – no stirrer needed.
  • It says “use one less paper napkin” — a great reminder in public restaurants to not automatically grab a huge stack of napkins. With today’s large-purse trend, I’ve found it’s easy to carry an old cloth napkin in my purse — good for napkin use or for drying hands in public restrooms (Little Cheap usually looks at me first to see if I have my personal towel before reaching for a paper one). At home, I’ve only used cloth napkins ever since my first apartment. It feels nicer — and sure, eventually they get stained from tomato sauce or something, but then they just join the rag bag.

This person compared prices at a farmer’s market and her local supermarket. Her commenters point out that this isn’t the best time of year to do such a comparison. Have you noticed any pricing trends?

Yale University’s cafeteria is turning to composting. This report says they’re composting vegetable waste and napkins, with a local hog farmer picking up meat and dairy waste for his pigs. Now will the pigs be smarter … or talk like Rory from Gilmore Girls?

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