19 - 2009

Do you have a green resolution?

We’re more than two weeks into the new year. How are the resolutions coming? If you’ve slumped off your diet already or missed a trip to the gym, there’s still time to add a green resolution — one that’s relatively effortless to keep (at least compared to losing those last 10 pounds) and that will make you feel great.

If you’re floundering for what to choose, this past week, Verda Vivo wrote about 10 green resolutions you can keep. She has a great list, and I’m happy to say we do all of them, with the exception of regular use of public transit. (Fortunately, we still drive less than average. But Little Cheap’s school is not walkable, and Mr. Cheap lugs a lot of stuff to work with him as a teacher.)

As for me, I have a resolution that is both greener and cheaper:

Leftover night.

Some of you are probably scoffing, eating leftovers all the time. I, however, am really not a fan of leftovers. Especially if I didn’t love and adore (we’re talking it’s-one-of-my-favorites, lifelong-passion kind of love) the meal the first time. And I am a lazy cook. Meaning given my druthers, I would eat popcorn (organic! air-popped! with organic butter and organic salt!) three nights a week for dinner.

Fortunately, Mr. Cheap is an excellent cook. Fortunately for him, he likes to eat enough that he is more than willing to whip up dinner after a hard day in the salt mines classroom. So he cooks, and I eat. But we have different tastes, so usually the dinners — while delicious and appreciated — do not meet my “love and adore” criteria, and the leftovers sit.

Often, Mr. Cheap takes the leftovers for lunch. Very often. It’s a great way for him to enjoy good food inexpensively. I work at home, and sometimes I eat leftovers for lunch; other times I have something simple and inexpensive. (Not popcorn, I swear. Well, maybe sometimes.)

But the other day, I cleaned out the refrigerator, and I threw out 8 containers of food.


Truly, this is not typical for us, but it was alarming.

Thus, leftover night. It’s a good solution for using things up rather than tossing them in the compost. It will make life easier for us both. And it will test my creativity as I find new ways to make something old into something new, or to combine leftovers to make another good meal.

We started last night. To appease the troops, I bought some more organic chicken bratwurst to fill out our leftover choucroute (sauerkraut) and potatoes. It tasted great.

Making this kind of change also goes right along with One Green Generation’s post last week about the one thing (or several things) that are really hard to change on the path to sustainability.

What about you? What’s your resolution?

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