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Denver Deals – Week of June 6

Black beauty eggplantThis post is a tip-off to some of the best deals in Denver’s Wednesday ads this week. They are biased by my personal preferences, but may they inspire you to a bargain-hunting frenzy.

This Wednesday’s Denver Post had a coupon insert for an $8.99 haircut at Great Clips. Fabu if you have the kind of fashionista who takes care of business at that salon chain … and the coupon saves you 41%.

Grocery inserts had a few super bargains.

Sunflower Markets is selling:

  • organic eggplants for $0.88 each. (A normally good sale on conventional eggplant at the big chains is $1 each.)
  • organic peaches for $1.49/lb.
  • imported Italian dried pasta for $0.59/lb. (It’s Luigi Vitelli brand – sure, it sounds Italian. I’ve never tried it but I’ll by some if I make it to Sunflower).
  • As always, their coffee is $5.99 a pound. If I go, I’m going to see if they have anything that combines two or more of the golden traits: organic, shade grown, fair trade.
  • And a confusing image labels broccoli and cauliflower at $0.88 … per pound and each, respectively? Whatever, either way it’s a good deal. I love some cauliflower in my green curry.

I don’t usually get this flier in our paper, and I was excited to see it.

King Soopers has:

  • organic strawberries for $2.50 a pound. Run, don’t walk – these usually sell out at our store. Strawberries are great to buy organic as they nearly always make the “dirty dozen” list of foods most contaminated with pesticides.
  • Lean Pockets and Hot Pockets for $1.77 per package of 2 (these are overpackaged and overprocessed … but sometimes I just don’t eat otherwise).
  • Daisy Sour Cream at $1.50 for 16 oz., a great deal if you have their recent $0.40 coupon (with doubling, you’ll pay $0.70). Mr. Cheap and especially Little Cheap love the white fluffy stuff.
  • Store-brand Naturally Preferred cage-free eggs are $2 a dozen ($0.16 per egg), which compares favorably to Costco’s $0.18-an-egg Nest Fresh price.
  • And Jolly Time microwave popcorn is $1 a box — and I know I have some coupons for that, too. Movie night!

These deals run through Tuesday at King Soopers, Wednesday at Sunflower, and I think early July at Great Clips (Mr. Cheap already used the coupon).

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