2 - 2009

Costco To Accept Food Stamps Nationwide

In May, I wrote an article about my savings at Costco (those savings clock in at $500 per year).  That post received a comment critical of Costco for not accepting food stamps at its stores, and I followed up with the news that the chain would accept food stamps at two of its New York City-area stores.

Now, Reuters reports that Costco will accept food stamps nationwide. Costco does have an annual membership fee ($50) that might put it out of reach for many food stamp recipients. However, accepting food stamps puts those warehouse savings in reach for people who are accepting food stamp assistance while they are between jobs, but who have an existing membership; those who share a membership (and the bulk-buy savings) with other households; or those who receive a membership for a gift, as well as those who choose to invest in a membership.

Of course, as for all of us, the challenge is to buy only what you need and not the tempting luxuries at Costco.

The article reports that BJ’s and Sam’s Club accept food stamps.

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