6 - 2012

How to Make Homemade Soap Fast

The quickest way to make homemade soap is to do what is called re-batching. What this process involves is breaking down plain soap to make soap that appeals to you in color and fragrance. Start out with 1 lb. of plain, unscented white soap and you will soon have soaps that you will be proud to show off.

One of the easiest ways to break down the plain soap is to use a cheese grater to grate it up. Place the material in a glass dish and add in a little bit of milk to moisten the soap. Many people often use cow’s milk, but if you have goat’s milk available, it can actually elevate your soap to another level of elegance. Generally, 2 or 3 oz. of milk should be enough for the 1 lb. of soap.

After mixing the soap and milk together, you will need to place it in the oven at a temperature of 175 degrees for approximately an hour. After the hour is up, you will want to take it out of the oven and stir. The consistency should be a little soupy and somewhat like applesauce. Break any larger pieces down by mashing them up. You may even be able to see that some of the mixture is becoming translucent.

The mixture should then be placed back in the oven for another hour. The goal is to have the mixture turn to a translucent liquid stage, however, depending on the type of soap you used and how large it was, you may end up with a more lumpy mix. This can still be used.

When your soap mixture has turned into a pourable soap solution, you will want to start adding in the things you want to make homemade soap your own. Essential oils are great for getting just the right fragrance and a mix of colorings will give it the color you want.

Once you have mixed in the additives to make the soap your own, you can then start pouring it into the molds you chose. This is your time to get creative when you make homemade soap. You will find there are many different molds available if you do not want to go with the traditional style bar soap. From seashells and starfishes to hearts and diamonds, the variety will please any beginning soap maker. After pouring your soap, give them a few days to harden and they will be ready to use.


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