28 - 2008

Friday wrap-up: New cars, old socks

These were my two favorite posts elsewhere this week.

Get Rich Slowly had a guest post from a car reviewer called “What’s Not to Love About a New Car.” I agree with most of her arguments– although I did buy a new car four years ago.  (But certainly not at a 10.39% interest rate, like her boyfriend! Ours is 1.9%.)

And Simply Thrifty posted 40 things to do with old socks. Wow! That’s a lot of single socks.

For you cuteness fans, check her link to a cute dog in a sweater made from a sock. Schnauzer Cheap is too big for a sock-sweater, but I do have some old men’s sweaters around whose sleeves just might work … and that would save me a heck of a lot of knitting.

My sister suggested a while back that we keep an extra sock or two (child-size, in our case) in case our dog has a hurt foot — to cover it up and keep it clean.

Are there any other sock geniuses among you?

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