13 - 2010

DIY – Make Swiffer Wet Jet Pads From Old Fleece

Last year, I bought a Swiffer Wet Jet, and I’ve finally gotten around to making my own pads for it, so I wanted to share what I did.

When I first bought the Wet Jet, I posted about it here. After a year of using it on a semi-regular basis, I ran out of the purchased pads and got tired of jury-rigging microfiber clothes on it.

I’d heard of patterns to knit or crochet pads, but I have other knitting projects and didn’t really want to take the time, so I turned to sewing for its speed. I dug around in my fabric boxes in my sewing room and came across a pair of old fleece footy-pajamas with a busted zipper.

I tried just a rectangle of fleece, which worked all right at first, but once it was damp it got saggy. Then it slid around a little on the bottom of the Wet Jet and bunched up – not good!

I decided thicker and stiffer was the solution, so I made a three-layer version of two layers of fleece with an old (really, really old and raggedy) towel in the middle.

How I made my fleece Wet Jet pads

The process took about an hour to make four pads. Here’s what I did:

First, I cut some rectangles of fleece. (FYI: Fleece will quickly dull scissors! Old scissors might be too dull, but be forewarned before using your nice sewing scissors on fleece! I found some old kitchen shears that did the job.) I didn’t really measure – just held it up to the base of the Swiffer and made them about the same size. I took advantage of existing seams where possible.

Then I cut matching rectangles of toweling. Again I eyeballed it. We’re not making the Mona Lisa, we’re making something to shove around on the floor. I just cut the rectangles a little smaller than the fleece.

I went to the sewing machine and stitched the layers together. I stitched channels, like very simple quilting, about 5/8” apart, to provide some texture for floor scrubbing and also keep the pieces together.

I popped it on the bottom of the Wet Jet and scrubbed away. At first it feels like the fleece will not cling to the Wet Jet’s hook-and-loop attachment, but once I pushed it around a few times, it stuck just fine.

My little penguins picked up the dirt just fine.

I throw the pads in the wash, and they are ready to go next time. They will work for dusting, too.

Have you made your own Swiffer pads? Share your ideas!

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