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Learn About 3 Best Personal Loan Companies with Best Rates and Terms

You must be checking banks, credit unions, online services of some company, and possibly any other thing to get a personal loan. There are many other options that a person can use to take loans for the business or other things in life, but according to the experts, taking advantage of personal loan is far better than any other option.

Why Does Someone Like to Get A Personal Loan?

For instance, if someone is running a business and have gigantic projects lined up, and that person does not want to get a home equity loan, etc., to fulfill the financial needs of the business, then personal loans and best Zippa Loans come in to play. All the terms and rates of these type of loans are a lot more simplified as compared to any other type of financial help that a person could possibly get.

So, in short, if you are going to do big home improvements, or you are going to do something expensive, such as adoption, costly medical bills, etc., then personal loans are the best option to go for. Also, if you want to consolidate your credit card debt, then again, taking a personal loan is a wise decision.

Best Companies to Get Personal Loans

The top 3 best companies that you can choose from if you are looking for a personal loan. They are termed as best companies for taking personal loans because they do not have any origination fee, as well as no pre-payment penalties.

  1. American Express

The first lender for personal loans is American Express. They give personal loans, and even they have saving accounts that offer better rates than banks. Their rates are currently almost up to 20% only, and they offer loans for up to 3 years. If these numbers are compared with other companies, then you will find that American Express is extremely competitive.

To get this personal loan, you only have to have the Amex Card. Having this card approves you to apply for this loan, and probably you will get it if and only if you have a good credit history. So, if you fulfill these two options, you are good to go for this loan.

  1. SoFi

This company name stands for ‘Social Finance.’ This company was established in 2011, but they have changed the industry because of the way their business model works. All the problems of the business loans are fixed by them.

They do not have any hidden fees, low rates and have really good terms. So, they provide information about everything that their clients need to know. They also offer discounts to their clients, and this makes them stand out from all other similar companies that offer personal loans.

  1. LightStream by SunTrust Bank

Just like American Express and SoFi, they also provide the best rates and terms to their customers. They provide almost 3% rates and loans for a term of up to 144 months. So, these figures can be compared with other loan providers and see how completive LightStream company is.

Keeping in mind these companies, do your own research deeply and if you find your self-eligible for any of these, then go ahead and apply for the personal loan.

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