30 - 2009

Wrap-up: Washing bags, hybrid 7-seaters, stockpiling and salad dressing

The Internet has been bursting with economic and environmental news, good and gloomy. Who needs gloom? Not us. Here are some interesting stories to carry you around the Web this week:

  • Cars: Chevrolet just might (absolutely unconfirmed, yet possible) come out with a hybrid minivan. Parents, can I get an amen? It’s got to be better than the electric cars I was eyeing semi-seriously at Colorado’s Governor’s Mansion’s eco-display this winter. (via Green Daily)
  • Apparently, it’s been deemed safe to re-use plastic food storage bags (this also from Green Daily). Just don’t re-use ones from meat (ew) or cheese (hmm … I do wash and re-use those, unless the cheese was moldy). If you are looking for a way to dry those washed bags, check out the Thrifty Knitter’s Tinkertoy bag dryer. It looks like a great idea. Meanwhile, at Casa Cheap, we fold the rim of the bag inside out so the bag can stand up on its own and the inside will dry.
  • If you’ve been thinking about becoming a stockpiling genius, check out this blog. WHOA. She’s an expert. Of course, the thing with getting all the best deals from coupons tends to be a lot of packaged foods. But she’s got some goodies there — and I’m sure we all have our weaknesses in the packaged food arena. (Or I hope you do too so I’m not all alone.)
  • And if you buy salad dressing, you can just stop. TipNut has a whole array of vinaigrette instruction and recipes.

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