3 - 2007

Weekly Wrap-Up: Solar coffee, going veg, bottled water and eBay

I am a proud native of Pueblo, Colo., a lovely and artistic community home to many fantastic culinary options (not to mention the mysterious natives known as “bojohns”) — and yet generally mocked in the sophisticated metropolis of Denver (yes, I know some of you big-city folks are laughing behind your hands). I HAD to include this in the wrap-up. This roaster of fair trade or organic coffee beans (I’m still not getting my big three met all at once — fair trade, organic, shade-grown) uses a special solar roaster — right there in Pueblo. I definitely have to check it out next time I visit Grandma and Grandpa! If only it weren’t so doggone expensive.

I actually found the company above on this blog, and I loved this list (part of a series) on how to save the planet. Substitute “local” for “UK” in some of his suggestions:

I’d love to see a source on the organic milk link, especially after a column that appeared in our newspaper last week, spouting a bunch of information from a Fox News online piece about how organic is bad for people, farmers and the environment. The column has some interesting points, and it has a lot of unsupported out-there arguments. It had me steaming for hours last Sunday.

And if you’re thinking about going vegetarian to save some money, I came across this article this week that looks at food and health savings of a veg diet:

For a lot of green detail on the bottled water issue, check No Impact Man:

And if you want to find great deals on eBay, check out this post:

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