4 - 2009

Summertime, and the movies are FREE (or cheap)

Five Cent Nickel has published an updated list of great summer movie deals that apply nationwide.

These are family-friendly movies that range from FREE to $3 or so per ticket. Many of them offer special pricing if you buy a whole summer package.

If those aren’t enough for you, here are a few more options:

  • Harkins theaters (located in Phoenix, Ariz., California, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas) offer summer movies — 10 movies over 10 weeks for $10, or single seats sold day-of for $2 each (when available).
  • In the Denver-metro area, the Starz Film Center offers a “Kids Nickelodeon” — every Saturday there’s a free, G-rated movie for kids (the series is best suited to really little ones).
  • Also in Denver-metro (in the City of Glendale), Mile High on the Cheap reports that Infinity Park will present several free family movies during the summer.
  • If you’d just as soon watch movies at home, sign up with Redbox to get a free-movie promo code the first Monday of every month (this program used to be weekly, so enjoy it this summer while it lasts!). Editorial comment: I’ve had several promo codes and used a couple — and both times, I think the movie showed up as a 2-day rental instead of a freebie on my card. Anyone else had that happen? Or am I crazy?

The movies scream summer because they’re entertaining, they’re diverting and — perhaps best of all — the theaters are air conditioned!

Do you know of more great movie deals? Share them here!

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