10 - 2010

Quick tip: Use your smartphone for coupons

Do you ever get to the checkout, search your wallet, and realize you don’t have your coupon with you?

Maybe you didn’t clip it, figuring you wouldn’t go to that store this week. Or it’s on the table at home, but you were passing by now ….

If you have a smartphone, it might be able to help. I’ve had success at a couple of local stores (Hobby Lobby and Barnes & Noble) thanks to my smartphone. If you received a coupon in your e-mail, or if you know it’s available online, look it up on your phone. Then ask the checker if they can key in the promotion code to give you the discount. If they can see it on your screen, they just might be able to accept it. It worked for me.

Sometimes, bar codes are visible online, and some retailers are working on technology that will allow bar codes (even for produce and grocery store sales!) to be scannable from phones.

Have you found other ways to save money with your phone?

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